Vicky Enright

Illustrator and producer of cards

Vicky Enright

25 Coolidge Rd.,

Andover, MA 01810

(987) 533-9039

Bible Learning Cards produced by Vicky Enright & Kristen Smith, M. Div. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Scripture quotations from ESV and NIV Bibles.

I have been a children's book illustrator and a Christian for many years. When a friend suggested the idea of creating Bible verse cards, I got inspired. Here was a chance to use my art to share the Good Word.  I was blessed to meet Kristen Smith, who has her Masters of Divinity from the respected Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. She jumped on board and helped me to select simple, timeless verses that speak to children and to parents. Between the two of us, we have five kids ranging from preschool to teenagers. As I created the first illustrations, I drew on my experiences parenting two very active boys. These words from God can be applied everyday, in very helpful and comforting ways.

The feedback from customers is gratifying. Families are benefiting from the encouraging verses and uplifting images packed in every card set. Who couldn't use a little comfort and courage in their daily walk?

​Vicky Enright